Monday, March 23, 2009

Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with new "Trinity" Full Service Coordination Package

On this 3rd month and 23rd day of March, Hawaii Weddings and Events is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary!

As a special treat, the first three (3) brides that reserve our new "Trinity" package for their 2010 wedding will receive a complimentary 3-tiered wedding cake from Cake Works (6/10/14" tiers with butter cream frosting, your choice of flavors and decorated with flowers provided by your florist)

3rd Anniversary Special - “Trinity” Full Service Coordination Package
In celebration of Hawaii Weddings and Events 3rd anniversary we’re pleased to launch our new full service package. The number three (3) is an auspicious number with many significant meanings. Three is the first of four perfect numbers, it denotes divine perfection (what else would you expect on your wedding day?).

Three, also stands for that which is solid, real, substantial, complete, and entire. The Trinity package is based on a solid reputation for service excellence, real experience and honest feedback, substantial time savings, thorough and complete monthly checklists and assistance during the entire planning process.

The symbol of triad or trinity is a symbol of unity of body, mind and spirit and is found throughout history and all over the world. With the assistance of a professional planner, you’ll still have the time to exercise your body, focus your mind and also keep your spirit happy and at peace by knowing that you are on track with your wedding planning, have the right vendors in place and someone on your wedding day to ensure a seamless day.

The Trinity Package is perfect for the busy couple that knows they need a lot of help and guidance throughout the wedding planning process.

· Our bridal checklist is sent to client to ensure that all of the “little” details have been covered (including names of your entire bridal party and contact information) and is returned to Hawaii Weddings and Events three (3) months prior to the wedding day.
· A minimum of three (3) hours is spent at the beginning of the planning process to finalize the client’s wedding budget (venue, food, vendors, décor, etc.) as spending the time now may save you from costly mistakes later.
· Three (3) virtual consulting hours are provided every 30 days to help answer questions and to start securing your professional vendors based on the couple’s preferences, style and realistic budget.
· Three (3) hours is devoted monthly for the “design and theme” of your wedding which may include reviewing pictures, researching linens, props, décor, furniture, etc.
· Three (3) hours of telephone conference time (or in person meeting) is provided every 30 days to go over each month’s “to do list” to ensure the couple is kept on track throughout the planning process with a written follow-up sent to client by coordinator.
· For off-premise venues (such as Lanikuhonua), Hawaii Weddings and Events will take care of ordering your rental equipment (tent, tables, chairs, linen, china, glassware, etc.) based on your specific needs to ensure nothing is overlooked or duplicated by the caterer and that set-up and breakdown is achievable within the given time frame.
· Three (3) months out, meetings (or teleconference calls) are held every 3 weeks until the wedding week to finalize your menu, beverage selections and assist with preparing a custom floor plan based on your requirements (floor plan, head table, number of guests, dance floor, type of menu, etc.)
· Client provides copies of all contracts that have been secured on their own to Hawaii Weddings and Events not later than three (3) months prior to the wedding day
· In depth review of all vendor contracts and reconfirmation of all vendor services
· Preparation of detailed timeline that not only includes the day of the wedding, but includes your deadlines leading up to your wedding day (when vendor payments are due, pick up tuxedos, dress alternations, finalizing flower order, final counts, table assignments, etc.) is provided to client prior to 30 day marker.
· Assisting in final program for the wedding day that will include specific details on those involved, song selections, timing that is also appropriate to your entertainment, menu, etc.
· Set-up of reception table (guest book, name list, gift card basket, etc)
· Ensures ceremony and reception venue are set-up appropriately.
· On-site wedding coordinator is on-site for up to twelve hours on the wedding day (additional hours available at $75/per hour) to effectively manage the days production.
· Rehearsal (one hour) may be reserved 30 days prior to your wedding date at most venues · Due to the amount of time devoted to your wedding planning, the Trinity package is limited to three bookings per quarter and may reserved up to fifteen months in advance of your wedding day.

Contact us today at (808) 782-4514 or e-mail to check availability of your special day.

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