Thursday, October 23, 2008

Naruto Birthday Party!

Yes, that is correct, I'm in the midst of planning a Naruto birthday party for one of my client's son who will turn 8 next month.

This will be the third year that I've had the privilege to be of service to them and I love it because they tell me what their son likes this year (which becomes the theme) and then I do everything from beginning to end (invitations, food, decor, games, photography, video, prizes, goodie bags, etc.)

The first year was Star Wars which was held at Manoa district park. Having Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader stiltwalkers parading around surely did catch everyone's attention from the baseball fields!

Last year the birthday boy was really into baseball, so we not only were wearing baseball jourseys, but we included singing the national anthem, throwing of the first ball, a baseball pinata, a custom invitation that had the days activities noted "inning by inning" and the talents of Mark Mauricio an awesome local magician amazing parents and children alike.

Naruto is a new one for me, but I'm up for the challenge. This is what I love about event planning, each and every day you have something unique!


LuciMama said...

My son just told me he wants a Naruto party, so now I'm looking for ideas.

How did your party go? What games did they play? How did you tie in the Naruto theme in ways *besides* paper products (because what kid cares about that?!)?

Dianna Shitanishi - Hawaii Weddings and Events said...

Aloha LuciMama, thank you for your post.

The party was very successfu. This is the third year that I've planned their son's birthday celebration...the first being a Star Wars theme, then baseball and last year Naruto (wonder what this year will be?)

During our research we did find Naruto costumes, but given that this party was next to a swimming pool the mother didn't want costumes to get damaged so we used Naruto theme music during the event and also tied it in with the pinata, cake, banners, prizes, etc.

We also did theme around orange/yellow and blue colors and the kids won the hanging material banners at the end of the event (the birthday boy happily kept three for his room).

The mother likes to have alot of parent/child interraction and provides some games that she likes to be played (ie: scavenger hunt, musical chairs, magician, pinata) and we come up with the remainder to keep the 8 year olds occupied.

Mother also splurges on lots of prizes for each game so we had a variety of Naruto items used here as well.

Event timeline:

12pm The Celebration Begins with water fun in the pool

12:30pm “Your water broke” relay game

12:45pm Sponge Run with parents

1:00pm Blessing of the Food / Lunch Buffet

1:15pm Strolling clown

1:30pm Scavenger hunt with parents and children

1:45pm Musical chairs

2:00pm Hula Hoop Game

2:15pm Obstacle Course relay with parents

2:30pm Naruto Pinata!

3:00pm Balloon Monsoon Duo

3:15pm Naruto game

3:30pm Strolling Magician

4:00pm Birthday Cake

4:15pm Balloon Stop Game with parents

4:30pm Relay races with parents

4:45pm Get your goodie bag to take home!

5:00pm Thank you for coming!