Friday, May 29, 2009

Orange & Turquoise Lanikuhonua Wedding

This past Friday I had the pleasure of being of service Jamie & Tony who are originally from Nebraska and Canada at Lanikuhonua.

Jamie's favorite color was orange and her bridesmaids dresses were turquoise. As they would be in Europe most of their engagement, I was given some inspiration pictures and then given creative freedom to make it happen.

As with most of my destination weddings, planning was done via e-mail and contact via Facebook.

It was a picture perfect day and they loved everything about the wedding. The orange and turquoise colors blended beautifully throughout the decor and she absolutely loved her hibiscus wedding cake which was made by Abi Langlas at Cake Works which was inspired by the border on her wedding invitation.

When we finally had a chance to meet in person it was like meeting a long lost friend. I couldn't begin to tell you how many times she hugged me and said thank you on her wedding day. That is why I truly love what I do!
Additional pictures from the wedding are on my Facebook page, Dianna K. Shitanishi

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Jamie said...

I think you need another hug!!!