Friday, June 5, 2009

Imagine life without a computer

Sometimes I try to imagine life without a computer......

For those that don't already know, my first job was actually a clerk typist/stenographer in Civil Service at Edwards AFB, California. I hardly remember any stenography strokes but taking the time to learn the skill in high school is what gave me the advantage over 100 other applicants.

Typing was a tedious and boring class in school, but to this day, it was the best class that I could have ever taken and I use the skill daily. Back then, typing class was basically just for women interested in being a secretary, but look at the world now, even CEOs of major companies are pecking away on their computer keyboard or Blackberry.

When I think of how fast technology has advanced, I remember learning on a manual typewriter, the incredible memory typewriter, the first DOS computer which was a bit intimidating and then just when you got it figured out, frantically paging the IT manager when my documents Icon disappeared from my Windows screen.

Now I am so grateful for technology for it allows me the opportunity to have my own home based business via a laptop computer, a wireless card and a cell phone. It's hard to imagine how destination weddings were planned prior to computers (e-mail, Google and Facebook), but I love being able to keep in contact with my past brides as well as future with ease.

Just in case you're wondering, I purposely haven't invested in a Blackberry as the vast majority of the e-mails that I receive as an event planner contain alot of important information that I need to extract for timelines, vendor follow-ups and set-up details. I also had a very dear friend of mine break her ankle because she was answering her Blackberry while walking down stairs.

My only wish is that everyone remembers to take a break away from technology to enjoy simple things in life such as watching a sunset.

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Events by Evonne said...

OMG, Dianna... I so agree with you! I actually took a typing class outside of school and it was the best class that I've ever taken. It definitely saves a lot of time if you know how to type because we do spend a lot of time behind the computer, answering our brides' emails!