Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Many of the vendors I work with say "you're always working on timelines" and that is so very true!

Whether I am hired as a "day-of" coordinator, a full service planner or somewhere in between, I am always going to make sure that I review the client's first draft of their timeline (if they have made one) and ensure that everything works!

Timing is one of the most critical elements to a successful and stress-free wedding day. If the schedule that is created is realistic and works for the vendors, everyone works like a very well oiled machine and there is no "drama." Problems arise when a timeline either doesn't allow enough time for what you are trying to accomplish or for those "quick ballroom turns" there isn't enough staff to get the job done within the time frame allotted, or set-up is not prioritized by the order of which your vendors are arriving.

An arriving DJ should never have to wait for his table, as that will impact his set-up time. A hair and make-up stylist should not have to wait around for hair flowers because the florist was scheduled to arrive an hour later. The chef should not be worried about the meal service starting late because the receiving line took 40 minutes instead of 20 minutes.

Timing is one thing that you definitely don't learn from a book. Timing can only be learned from many years of hands-on experience with a wide variety of events.

By the time I have completed your timeline I have literally done a virtual tour in my head of your event knowing exactly what needs to be where and when, how much space is required and who is going to be doing what and when.

It is through this process that I (and the vendors) have a very clear understanding of what the bride and groom envisions for their wedding day, and by asking all the right questions in advance and making the appropriate adjustments my couples may relax and enjoy their wedding.

So the next time you're wondering if I'm working on a timeline......of course I am!


christine said...

Woohoo! I recognize that photo! =)

Marino - Ninja Entertainment said...

Have I told you lately how much I love working with you?

This is exactly what many brides DON'T take into account when they do a timeline on their own: all the little minutes of wait and pause all add up to one GINORMOUS backlog of events, and eventually the Money Dance doesn't happen until 11pm at night! At the very least, even if a bride doesn't hire a professional coordinator to organize her day, she should get one to look at her timeline and offer valuable insight as to what needs to be added, removed, and tweaked. The result will be a much smoother production and less likely chance to emerge as a bridezilla because of the whole ordeal.

+1 on the great post.