Saturday, September 5, 2009

Advertising and Marketing Goals

Each year I take a few days out to re-evaluate all of my advertising and marketing goals for the upcoming year. It is through this process that we determine what has provided the best return on our investment.

One of Hawaii Wedding's and Events main goals is to provide fair and reasonable prices to our clients for the level of our experience, value of the time invested in their event and the quality service they will receive.

As a small business owner, we work from a home based business which saves the high overhead cost of renting office space, has been more convenient for our clients as we meet them where they are, and the added bonus of allowing more time to spend with our family.

By carefully managing our paid marketing dollars and "word of mouth" advertising, we have successfully been able to achieve this goal which in turn benefits our future clients. It is through the support of my past brides who have graciously taken the time to write a review of our services on such wedding websites as or continue to refer our name through wedding forums such as The

Our greatest marketing success of the year was when we were awarded the 2009 Bride's Choice Award winner which is based on the number of positive reviews received.

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