Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Personal Event Shopper Service

Are you wondering just how you are going to manage to get all of your errands done the week of your wedding day without going crazy?

Let Hawaii Weddings and Events take some of the pressure off of you with our new personal event shopping service. Your time is precious and the days leading up to your wedding should focused on spending time with your family and friends being relaxed and stress-free versus wandering the streets of Honolulu.

Give us your list and let us take care of your errands (including, but not limited to the following):

· Purchasing items and preparing your out-of-town gift bags so that they are ready upon arrival

· Picking up your special linens and delivering to your venue

· Purchasing your beverages for your off-premise events and delivering them to your caterer

· Buying items and stuffing your favor boxes

· Picking up your wedding gown and getting it pressed for you

· Purchasing bridal party gifts and delivering to your rehearsal dinner

· Preparing children activity bags to keep them busy during the wedding reception

· Having your favors, guest book, parasols, etc. shipped to Hawaii in advance and delivered to your hotel upon arrival.

Our Personal Event Shopping Service fee is $45 per hour plus tax (Please keep in mind that this hourly fee not only covers paying for our staff’s time, but it also covers the wear and tear on our vehicles as well as the cost of gas). Rate is reduced to $35 an hour for those that have booked one of our planning and coordination packages.

The hourly fee is charged based upon amount of time it takes to travel to each destination (copies of MapQuest calculations will be used to figure mileage and time) as well as the amount of time it takes to do your shopping and prepare items.

Our Personal Shopping Service is subject to availability of and requires prepayment for our projected time (based on your needs) and for the products that we are purchasing on your behalf. Receipts for all purchases and your change will be provided upon completion of your shopping trip.

Personal shopping service is subject to availability with priority given to Hawaii Weddings and Events couples that have secured one of our coordination packages.

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Michelle Scotti said...

What a great idea! I could've really used something like this when I got married. We ran around like crazy in that last week!